Straight A Student Earns Extra (Teamskeet)

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Mr. McLane was grading papers when he came across Alina Wests report. The topic was what do you want to be and Alina wrote that she wanted to be unique. Hmmm, Alina wants to be a pornstar and this inspired Mr. McLane to feel himself up - and thats when Alina herself walked in! He asked her straight up if she really wanted to be a pornstar and he tested her on her willingness to fuck! He started feeling her up and then demanded that she suck his dick like the star she wants to be! Listen to her gag on the dick - its like Pacman! When he had enough Alinas petite body got bent over the teachers desk, the panties got pulled to the side, and her tight little snatch was demolished! In between the moans and the skin slapping against each other you can hear Alina say that she wants to be a dirty whore and we think shes well on her way! Mr. McLane finished his lesson with a hefty cum bath on Alinas face and awarded her an A plus for her report.


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