Sweet Little Treats (Teamskeet)

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Its not considered a fun day for the tiny Cara unless she gets a sweet little treat! What might that be? It starts with some whipped cream, leads to some hot pussy rubbing, and ends with some long hard dick. Our boy towered over her in size and stature. She wanted to get to the top, so slowly worked her way up. She grabbed his cock for some stability and started to jerk it, then got on her knees to suck it off. If her pussy was half as tight as her mouth, our boy was in for a delightful time. That twat was so narrow that his dick could barely move, but man oh man did it feel amazing. Plus, Cara being so light allowed for him to throw her around into any position he pleased. When her pussy could not be pulverized any further, our stud quickly pulled out and released himself all over her cutesy face. Two servings of white cream were not expected for Cara, but she had no problem slurping it down with a smile on her face.




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