Swimming In Semen (Teamskeet)

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 Upload Date: 11/11/2016  Duration 46:40


Carolina has wanted to learn how to swim forever! Shes so small that she can usually just float but she has really been interested in the sport of it. She was lucky enough to book a world class swim trainer. On her first lesson, he sets her up with some cute little floaties just in case she makes a wrong move. Shes getting the hang of it, but isnt too much fun. She would rather be playing with the bottle of sunscreen her trainer is hiding in his pants AKA his dick. His cock towers over hershe sucked it gracefully in the water. Then they paddle over to the shallow end so he can penetrate her tight yet deep little cunt. After Carolina gets wetter then the water, her trainer pulls her out to spray her face with his prized seed. Carolina may not be a shoe in for the next Olympic swimming race, but she sure knows how to take a creamy loada champion!




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