Teeny Weenie Blonde Meets Huge (TeamSkeet)

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 Upload Date: 12/11/2016  Duration 27:29


Piper was happily skipping all the way to her best friends house. When she knocked on the door her friends brother answered from a long nap and he didnt notice that his half chub was sticking out of his boxers. But you know who did? Piper. She couldnt believe the size of his cock just hanging out for the world to see and the thought of that huge piece of meat railing her petite insides turned her on so much she started rubbing on her titties with excitement! When he finally realized that his schlong was waving at everyone who passed by it was too late and Piper was already chomping at the bit to get to that dick! She barely had to get on her knees she so damn small! The pole looks HUMONGOUS in Pipers tiny little hands and even more massive when its in her mouth and tight snatch! Once her mouth was doused in ball sauce they both wondered why it took them so long to hook up? Bet it happens again soon...


Piper Perri
Piper Perri




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