Tenderness (X-art)

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Katka and Mikah are pretty open-minded and experimental when it comes to sex. Mikah invited her boyfriend over for a threesome, but the girls wanted to spend a little time in bed together before he arrived.They shared several long, slow, tender kisses as Katka slowly ran her fingers along the edge of Mikah's white cotton panties. Katka could feel the warmth coming from within. She pulled the panties aside, revealing Mikah's pretty little pussy.Katka gently touched Mikah's pussy lips, spreading them apart with two fingers. She then ran her tongue up and down... tasting the wetness. The tip of her tongue darted gently across Mikah's swollen clit.Katka was getting really turned on, so she lifted her ass high in the air; allowing her friend to pull her panties off. Mikah eagerly buried her face in Katka's pussy, licking and exploring...Mikah's boyfriend would soon be there to fuck them both. At least they knew they'd be wet and ready when he arrived!





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