The Anniversary Switch-Up (Teamskeet)

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 Upload Date: 12/29/2016  Duration 30:12


Its Madelyns anniversary and all she wants to do is chill. Its too damn hot, so she just lounges around the house in her lacey lingerie, until she hears a knock at the door. She hopes its her boyfriend, and it is! Or is it? His face was covered by a bouquet of roses, but it turns out it was her bfs friend Ike. He came to deliver the flowers since he was going to be a little late today. Madelyn is super pissed, but has to show Ike some shit she found on her bfs computer, she thinks he might be cheating on her. Before she can show Ike the dirt, he spots some anal beads laying on the couch. WHAT ARE THOSE? Turns out she had all these plans to get butt fucked for her anniversary, so she was trying to get a head start by stretching out her brown eye before hand. Now that theres a cock in the vicinity, she cant wait any longer. She practically forces Ikes cock into her asshole Greek style and wont let him stop til he cums. Ike rammed that little poop chute with no remorse, and facialized her with the same attitude. An anniversary to remember for sure!




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