The Blind Man Cummeth (Teamskeet)

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 Upload Date: 12/23/2016  Duration 33:27


Lets meet Teanna Trump, a caramel skinned hottie with cakes you just want to frost. Looks like our boy here is a professional grope artist. Equipped with his white cane and thick sunglasses, he strolls up to teannas fine ass and gets more than a handful. Quickly she turns around to strike him down but right before, she notices hes blind and doesnt follow through. She strolls with him down the road and takes him home. From there, things get very interesting indeed. We get some true ass worship going on here, with Teanna face down, ass pointed towards the sky, and some glistening baby oil being rubbed into her cocoa colored skin. Her chocolate pussy, shines bright while she gets fingered and she adds her own fingers into her ass. This girl sucks a dick with flash and speed. Every position in this scene will have your eyes constantly moving trying to keep up with that round brown ass.




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Big Ass

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