The Cabin and My Wood (X-art)

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 Upload Date: 02/21/2017  Duration 19:25


Let the fun begin! It's a spooky Halloween fuck fest, X-Art style! Tiny Piper Perri and her blonde buddy, Naomi Woods, head to their 'Cabin in the Woods' - to party for the weekend! There's a knock on the door... a weird Russian dude with a massive bong (and a pretty massive shlong) asks them if they want to smoke. Rejected, he returns a moment later and proposes to have sex instead. Possessed by the spirit of good fun, the girls agree and before he can say another word, he's plunging his cock deep inside two perfectly gorgeous blonde pussies. Hope you have a happy Halloween - and that you all enjoy the pure carnal delights offered in this video. @brighamxart will post a fun and spooky surprise ending to this video on his X-Art Community page later today... 


Piper Perri
Piper Perri



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