The Needy Babysitter (Teamskeet)

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 Upload Date: 11/20/2016  Duration 32:21


As Mr. Knight is going to write Kylie a check for a job well done, she politely asks if she can get an advance on next weeks payment as well. Mr. Knight is a bit reluctant, saying how she should learn how to save or start a small business. Then, A light bulb goes off in Kylies cute little head. Maybe she can sell her slightly moist panties! Mr. Knight bites, gets one sniff and is in heaven. For sure a great investment. The next day, Kylie was super late for her scheduled babysitting time. Mr. Knight missed his appointment, and called the babysitters club to let them know that Kylie had fucked up bad. She needs this job, so she does what any needy girl would do. She gets on her knees and begs. But thats not all, she opens her mouth wide to give a repenting blow job too. As she chokes on his fat cock, hes on the line with the babysitters club telling them how it was all a big misunderstanding and how great of a babysitter Kylie truly is. A few days later, the Mr. Knight finds Kylie sleeping on the job! This is the last straw and shes not sucking her way out of this one. Good thing Kylie is way more friendly than all other babysitters though. Shes able to use her sweet little pussy to escape this one, letting him ram her until shes forgiven. It seems like all sins are usually absolved with the busting of a nut, especially on a cute face!


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