The Provider Gets Provided For (Teamskeet)

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Mario requests for Jill to watch his daughter while hes out for the day.he returns home, he starts to get nervous because he sees that the door was left half open. He rushes inside. He sees that the entire house has been ransacked. He quickly searches for Jill to find out what happened. She explains to Mario that his wife got home early from brunch drunk out of her mind. She had a tantrum, fucked up the house, got more drunk then passed out. Mario was sad to hear this, he thought his wife was doing better. He goes outside to reflect and Jill follows. Jill realizes Mario is a good man, and decides to alleviate his stress by giving him what he deserves. She spreads her legs so he can lick her juicy cunt. Then he sticks his throbbing cock in it and begins to forget how shitty his wife is. Eventually, he gets amnesiahe releases his spooge all over Jills cute little face. Instead of thinking about a new rehab for his wife, Mario is now thinking about bumping up his next scheduled appointment with Jill the babysitter.


Jill Kassidy
Jill Kassidy


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