The Waiting Game (TeamSkeet)

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Angel wakes up from a deep sleep only to see that her boyfriend Chad had already left for work. She really wanted to get fucked today, and was a little bummed out, but decided that she will just start sending him a bunch of nudes so he knows what to expect when he returns home. Chad gets home much later in the day and is so tired from work that he automatically passes out and has no time foe sex with Angel :(. The next day, Angel catches Chad before he can close his eyes. She starts giving him the sloppiest of blowjobs, until her phone rings. She thinks its an important call so she has to take it. She leaves chads dick wet and yearning for more stimulation. It turns out it was just a telemarketer, and by the time Angel gets back to finish sucking chads cock, he fell asleep once again. The next day, Angel thinks long and hard about how to not only keep chad awake, but have him fuck her good. Brain blast! Shes gonna let him fuck her ass. Chad walks into the bedroom and sees Angel stretching out her tiny brown hole. It doesnt take long for him to stuff it with his huge cock, making Angel moan with pure joy. That bootyhole slid up and down that cock effortlessly, and served as the home for a hot


Angel Smalls
Angel Smalls


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