Theres A First Time For (TeamSkeet)

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 Upload Date: 11/29/2016  Duration 39:58


Jenna and Kenna are just getting back from an exciting day of lingerie shopping. They decide to have a little fashion show for each other to get a better idea of how totally hot everything they bought is. Let me tell you, these girls are fucking stacked! Their asses look amazing in super tight panties and their tits are practically popping out of every single lacy bra they go to try on. The final outfits they test are the kinkiest off the whole bunch. All black see thru with a fishnet upper for Jenna and extremely tight garters for Kenna. Seeing them like this will make you want to jump right through the screen immediately. Seeing how hot each of them look in these get ups kind of made them think on the wild side. Jenna then brings up the question wondering if Kenna has ever hooked up with any girls before. Looks like she has not, and neither has Jenna. Getting DYKED is powered by girls, and both of their curiosity is beyond the point of not trying this. They slowly reach in for a kiss. From there, these horny hotties started a titty sucking, carpet munching sex fest. They even whipped out the long pink double dildo for some steamy pussy to pussy action. Not only are they glad they got to fuck each other today, but we here at team skeet are even more glad we got to watch. GET DYKED OR GO HOME!


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