Unexpected Good Fortune (TeamSkeet)

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 Upload Date: 11/29/2016  Duration 35:0


When something great happens unexpectedly, its hard not to let it play out to see just how good the end result will be. This is exactly what happened to Karlo, and he couldnt have been luckier. As he is finishing up some chores around the house, he hears a knock at the door. When he opens it, he reveals a gorgeous russian girl named Elena. Karlo has no idea why she is there, but apparently him and his wife have been talking to her for the past few months and agreed to have her stay with them for her time in the united states. The only thing off about this is that Karlo doesnt have a wife, and he has never spoke with a russian exchange student, but she was pretty hot so he decided to go with the flow and see where it went. Best idea he ever had! He asks Elena more about the stipulated requirements of her staying with him, and boy were they great. She has to clean the house naked (only when his wifes not home), and let him cum inside of her, since just the thought of having another child makes his wife extremely angry. Karlos eyes light up, he knows he hit the jackpot. Karlo makes sure Elena gets one hell of a heavy fucking, and doesnt forget to spread his seed all over that hot pink teen pussy just as smooth as he would spread peanut butter onto a jelly sandwich. This is a prime example of when keeping it real goes right!


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