VIP Lounge (X-art)

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It is the night after 'the massage' and Anneli tells Dennis that she needs more 'entertainment'. She says he should go out to a club and find a girl for them. She also says it's ok if he tries her out first.Soooo, he walks down the street from their apartment to a cool club that has these big 'bed-style' lounges. He can't believe his luck when he finds gorgeous black-haired 'Angie' sprawled out looking really horny in the VIP Lounge.He pays the bouncer $100 to close the lounge off and moves in to proposition his new 'friend'. Angie takes one look at Dennis and decides he is just what she needs to fill her lonely night. They really like each other, so they kiss passionately. Next he goes down on her and she sucks his cock (like the pro that she is). They are ready and hot so he takes her from behind. She tells him she wants to have an orgasm and gets on top (her favorite). Finally he finishes in her mouth from the 69 position.Maybe you'll get lucky and find Angie in the next VIP room you're in. You never could happen!Or you can watch it on X-Art instead ;-)





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