We Pump You Up And Down (Teamskeet)

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We just finished our one on one session with Katja and we hit the road to meet up with some friends at a little burger place not too far away. On our way we spied with our perverted eyes a fit young lady out for a jog on the side of the road. Her running was very distracting because her big busty tits were bouncing all over the place and we couldn’t concentrate. So we pulled up next to her and got her to come over and talk for a second. She was real cool and told us her name was Rachel and that she was out for a little jog. We invited her over for the workout video we have been working really hard on for the last couple weeks and told her that we would love to shoot her and get her on board. She was down and we went back to the house. Once there we had her sign a bogus contract and strip down so we could oil her up. Rachel was not a shy girl and enjoyed bending over and being felt up!!! This is where the top came off and she sat back and I started working on her pussy. She was nice and wet so the panties came off and my tongue made clitoral contact. Rachel was in great shape and fucking her was a real workout for me. I had her tits bouncing and her ass shaking!! At The Real Workout we pump you full of dick!!




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