Wet Orgasm (X-art)

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 Upload Date: 11/11/2016  Duration 8:54


Download this hot HD video from X-Art and watch prettty little Latina Veronica spray cum all over - in one of the wettest orgasms we've ever seen!Veronica looks so pretty in her lace camisole and matching panties. She watches herself in the mirror as she dances seductively, letting her undergarments fall to the floor.Once she's totally nude, she turns towards the camera. She gently spreads her ass cheeks open with both hands, revealing something totally irresistible!Veronica reclines on the bed and lets her knees fall wide apart. She runs her hands down her body, brushing against her flat, firm stomach as her fingers make their way to her eagerly waiting pussy.She moves her fingers in slow circles at first, rubbing her clit. Gradually she pushes her pointer finger inside, feeling the first drops of wetness. As the pleasure builds throughout her body, she starts to fuck herself with her finger... faster and faster until it's obvious she's about to cum.Veronica throws her head back, as spasms of uncontrollable pleasure shake her body. Finally she cums, spraying her juices all over her ass and the bed! WOW!Not surprised by her own performance, she smiles like a cat and licks her fingers.As if one orgasm wasn't enough, Veronica turns over and continues to fuck herself doggy style. As she raises her ass high in the air, her perfect pussy protrudes through her ass cheeks. OMG, this girl is so HOT!Can you imagine what you'd do to Veronica if you were there with her right now? Her pussy is soaking wet, horny, and ready for MORE! Cum inside and fuck her NOW!


Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez



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