Wild at Heart (X-art)

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 Upload Date: 11/11/2016  Duration 17:6


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Stunning Silvie is wild at heart in this HD video! If you guys read my blog then you know that Silvie is recently divorced and in the mood to have some fun. She called us to let us know that she wanted to shoot a scene with X-Art model Luke, turns out she has a huge crush on him. Silvie walked in and was extremely eager to get started, needless to say the sex and chemistry between these two was absolutely awesome! Watch her take him in her mouth, climb on top and ride him until she has strong orgasm. Next, it's his turn to take her from the the side and get on top. He rides her until the climactic finish. After they are both satisfied, Silvie wraps her mile-long legs around Luke and moves in for a kiss. I wonder if they'll be calling each other for an encore? For some reason, I think yes!





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